• Memshield 2 6a - 63a 30ma RCBO

Memshield 2 Rcbo


Single Module 

6a, 10a, 16a, 20a, 25a, 32a, 40a and 63a Availible. 

Picture Displays 16a But Other Amps Are Availible As Stated Above.

If the Ampage or quantity you require is not available to purchase, please contact us by either calling: 01909 509339 or emailing info@srselectrical.co.uk to request desired ampage/ quantity.

Memshield 2 6a - 63a 30ma RCBO

  • Brand: Memshield 2
  • Product Code:MBH132/MR30
  • Availability:Out Of Stock
  • £65.00

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